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Why buy Microsoft 365?

There are several advantages to buying Microsoft 365, as opposed to any other version of Microsoft 365. While it might seem like a drawback to have to pay an annual subscription fee for Microsoft 365, that does entitle you to some significant perks. For instance, you get access to OneDrive cloud storage service, which can provide you with a full terabyte of storage for all your Microsoft documents or other files, and you also get access to Microsoft 365 applications for mobile devices. Your subscription version can entitle you to install Microsoft 365 on as many as 5 different devices, which could be very handy in an Microsoft 365 environment where users have a traditional desktop and laptop or tablet.

When you buy any other version of Microsoft 365, it's true that you only have to pay once before you own it, but when a new version of Microsoft 365 comes out, you'll be obliged to buy that as well, or fall behind by some number of versions. You can also only install Microsoft 365 on a single device at a time, so if you need it to be on any other machine, you'd have to uninstall it from the original computer and reinstall it to another one - or, you'd have to buy a second license key.

Scalability is another big appeal with Microsoft 365 - it can easily accommodate any kind of expansion your company might go through, without you having to make any changes regarding management of your documents. Cloud storage can easily handle a sudden increase in the volume of documents, allowing additional access by more and different types of devices with ease.

If you own a small business and lack some of the most commonly used - and most necessary - Microsoft 365 applications, you really can't go wrong choosing Microsoft's Microsoft 365. This is the modern and more capable version of their perennial favorite, Microsoft 365, and it includes some of the same modules as before - PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. With Microsoft 365, these proven applications can be installed across several computers and devices, including both Android and iOS phones, so that your staff can make use of them.

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Microsoft 365 is only available by subscription, either on a monthly basis, or annually, and there are versions for Business and Enterprise plans. In addition to the traditional Microsoft 365 applications installed on your computer, you can utilize the cloud-based version of popular applications such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote and Outlook. Businesses can take advantage of Skype for Business Web Conferencing, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange Online, which is a hosted email service. Having an active subscription to Microsoft 365 means that you always have the latest and greatest version installed at your business.

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Strong security profile

Since Microsoft 365 is offered through the cloud, your enterprise will automatically have data encryption for all email exchanges, and 24 x 7 monitoring for all static data. Mobile access can be controlled through established policies and implemented through administrative tools, to ensure that no unauthorized access to sensitive company data occurs. If a company device should be lost or stolen, data can be quickly and conveniently erased remotely by a phone or mobile device to prevent criminal misuse.