About the Los Angeles Data Center (LA1)

Data Center Location
Los Angeles Data Center (LA1) 1200 West 7th Street, Suite 510 Los Angeles, CA 90017

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The Krypt LA1 data center infrastructure provides the most cost-effective, agile, and scalable IT solutions for large enterprises. We provide visibility in terms of large-scale power usage for any colocation environment, down to virtual machine resource allocation on shared or dedicated servers. Our LA1 data center, amongst the rest of VPLS’s data centers, is certified to meet rigorous security and compliance requirements and has consistently achieved uninterrupted uptime availability over the past 10 years.

LA1 Technical Specifications

Space & Environmentals

  • 42,000 sq ft colocation area in two suites
  • Suite LL-130 and Suite LL-135
  • Racks, cages, and custom-built configurations available
  • 722-tons dedicated cooling capacity with N+2 configuration
  • 30 CRAH units with N+2 configuration per suite
  • Total cooling capacity of 4,000 tons

Global Footprint

  • Network Dense Platform
  • Average of 15 carriers per site
  • 100+ unique carriers across all sites
  • Data center space in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • 15+ MW usable power
  • Additional power and space available
  • Managed internet infrastructure available


  • 2 x 450 kW UPS back-up power for AC customers (2N)
  • DC power A and B options available3 x 450 kW UPS back-up power for AC customers (N+1)
  • DC power A and B options available.
  • Onsite 7 x 2500 KW diesel generators (N+1)
  • Central Plant – LADWP serving one (1) 7,500 KVA transformer and four (4) 3,750 KVA transformers. Plant is served by two (2) diverse substations resulting in 22.5 MW of total capacity


  • 24×7 multiple-layer security access
  • 24×7 infrastructure and perimeter monitoring
  • 24×7 customer care / man trap
  • Former cash vault for Fortune 50 Bank


  • Directly connect to world-class network carriers and partners through Fiber, Ethernet, COAX, or POTS.
  • Krypt BGP Blended IP
  • AT&T
  • CenturyLink
  • Cogent
  • Paxio
  • Level 3
  • Verizon
  • XO
  • Zayo
  • Dark fiber & Wave services to Equinix LA1, Telex, and Coresite