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Our reseller program helps you start or grow your hosting company.

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Why join the Krypt reseller program?

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Multi-Tier Discounts

The program is tier based, offering various sales and marketing resources in each tier to help our Resellers establish and grow their business. Monthly promotions, contests and the Krypt Deals Desk allow resellers at any tier to get the discounts they need to drive their business.

Tiers Monthly Revenue Discount
Bronze $250+ 10%
Silver $750+ 15%
Gold $1,500+ 20%
Platinum $5,000+ 25%
Diamond invite only

Some tiers require an initial deposit.

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Do you know there is an upgraded reseller level
called Elite reseller?

Elite reseller is an upgraded reseller level. Once you become Krypt reseller, you can subscribe our Elite reseller to unlock following Elite only features.

Elite Reseller Plan:        
100Mbps unmetered option for US Dedicated Servers (existing and future orders)
200Mbps unmetered option for US Cloud Servers (existing and future orders)
A free US Cloud server as long as you maintain your reseller level and Elite status
Free Krypt Cloud Backup – 3 days retention
2x Reseller Rewards Points
VIP priority access to Flash Sales
Elite exclusive package: unmetered CN2 GIA network New

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